About us

Our main goal is to provide efficient and flexible solutions to help with the monitoring of corporate vehicles and control of their drivers in order to achieve fast and radical reduction of corporate costs, increased productivity and improved efficiency of operations.
Real-Time Monitoring

Know what’s going on in the field real-time, so that you can improve customer service and reduce time lost calling drivers for updates.

Reduce Fleet Costs

Our fleet tracking solutions can help you decrease costs with up to 30% by reducing speeding, decreasing idle time and improving routing.

Control Vehicle Parameters

Monitoring vehicle data from CAN/FMS (speed, RPM, temperature, battery, etc.).

Full Support

Rely on 24/7 support in Macedonian how you like it – over the phone, over email or via our knowledge base.

Dashboards and Reports

Everything you need to know about your fleet. Anywhere

See the true impact your fleet’s performance has on your business with your choice of readouts and dashboards that answer previously unanswered questions.


Cost cutting at its finest

Our reports show you where your money are flowing. It will become clear where money is being wasted on engine hours, overtime hours, fuel costs and more.

Carry Your Fleet Everywhere

With our fleet management app for iOS and Android, you can access key information about your team wherever you are.

Access the dashboard, live map, reports, alerts and more

Track location, speed, routes and events

Display Geofences on a map

Service module - track your repairs, insurances due, etc.

Route Planing

The best work-force and route planning solution for your fleet and human resources.

Reduces the administrative work spent in planning

Allows scenario planning

Plans the best route for mobile workers to follow during the day

Reduce distribution cost and driven distance

Increase operational resources without increasing the number of vehicles/drivers

Balance delivery territories and etc.

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your vehicles on the road longer and never miss a repair, maintenance or insurance due date.

Schedule reminders and get automatic alerts when your trucks are due for service.

Manage fleet expenses

Custom alarms and notifiactions

Full Reporting

Activity Reports. See everything that’s happening in the field.

Fuel Reports. Get control over your fuel spend and boost vehicle efficiency.

Timecard Reports. Reduce fleet labor costs so hours worked equals hours paid.

Driver report. Get control of your driver's habits and reduce malicious behaviour on the road.

Vehicle reports. Control custom parameters so you don't miss a detail.

Custom reports. Get the data you want how you want it.

An Open System

Easy integration and management, exports and user administration.

ERP, CRM and other external system integration

Data export in multiple formats (XLSX, CSV, XML, etc.)

Multiple user level management

Cost Management

Follow through and manage fuel costs on the road

Predict toll taxes, vignettes, etc. for the upcomming routs

Manage repairment and spare part costs

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